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Rossi Guitars is a studio built by one man.
My love to a guitar made me resign from an art director and set up my own business of making guitars. I studied under an experienced luthier who was active in Osaka, and acquired the basic skill of making guitars from him. As mentioned at the top page, my ideal is to make guitars which touch heartstrings of the player.
A guitar has an appearance, which seduces the player to play the guitar. A guitar has sound and playability, which make the player comfortable. A guitar has a sense, which encourages the player and makes him to have a strong desire to play, every time he plays. My ideal is a guitar, which unites these features.
We are engaged in making a guitar earnestly, so that we could provide the above-mentioned guitars to a customer.
I hope that guitars made by Rossi Guitars will be favored and natured by you as your musical friend.

Hiroshi Koike( Rossi Guitars )
2-19-24, Iwasaki, Gifu City, Gifu, Japan, 502-0005
Tel/Fax: 058-295-5383  ( from abroad: +81-58-295-5383 )

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