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Rossi Guitars makes a variety of guitars,
from the Archtop to the Electric, to order.
Rossi Guitars provides a guitar of your own design, in accordance with your detailed specifications, including the materials, scale length, neck shape, colors, referring to the regular model of our studio as a standard. We also take an order of a guitar, whose specifications are not included in the regular models, as possible as we can. We provide a service of repairing your favorite guitar.

Price for Order

¥304,500 ~ order starting
(without tax  ¥290,000~)

¥451,500 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥430,000~)

¥504,000 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥480,000~)
¥273,000 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥260,000~)

¥283,500 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥270,000~)
¥409,500 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥390,000~)

¥336,000 ~ order starting
(without tax ¥320,000~)
* A hard case is attached.
* We don't make an additional charge for a guitar for a left-handed person.
* We accept carrying-in assemble parts, including a pickup and a tuning machine, only before starting making a guitar.

* A quotation is free. Please feel free to contact us.
* Price of the individual model to order is based on the standard model of our studio. The price varies according to the materials and specifications. As made by hand, the price is a little higher than the ready-made models. However, we make efforts to meet your budget, discussing the materials and specifications with you.
* We have some samples for a trial in our studio. You can place an order, after playing the guitar and confirming the quality of the regular model.
* We don't have a shop. When visiting, please contact us in advance by fax (058-295-5383) or Email (
* For those who live far from us, we earnestly hope to take an order from these people. We'd like to discuss how to communicate and exchange opinions. Please feel free to contact us. As for those who live in foreign countries, please contact us by Email or fax (058-295-5383).

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