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This flattop has a body of the almost same size as that of the Dreadnought model. This model produces the sound to increase quickly and louder voice by the X bracing of scalloped tuning and the doming top. In special future, it has a strong mid-lower sound according to its body size.
This model fits to the flat-picking play style and also has flexibility for finger picking.
Top:Sitka Spruce or Engelman Spruce or German Spruce
Back & Side:Indian Rosewood or Honduran Mahogany
Neck:Honduran Mahogany
Fingerboard:Ebony or Indian Rosewood
Bridge:Ebony or Indian Rosewood
Nut Width:44mm

* Our studio takes an order upon your request for the materials, colors, scale, nut width, neck shape, inlay and others, referring a regular model as a standard.
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