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This archtop model features a body of 16.5 inches in width and 3 inches in thickness. This medium-sized model is easy to handle.

Its top and back are hand-carved. According to the sound directional characters, you can choose a parallel bracing or X bracing assembled on top.
In general, the both models produce a good sound of uniform quality, placing emphasis on the mid-range. If you prefer an ample and crispy sound, a parallel type is recommendable. If you like softer and thicker sound, an X-patterned type is suitable.
The options of a suspended pickup and a headstock inlay are request basis.
Top : German Spruce (hand carved)
Back & Sides : European Flame Maple (hand carved)
Neck : Hard Flame Maple,2-piece or 3-piece
Fingerboard : Ebony
Bridge & Tailpiece : Ebony
Pickguard : Ebony
Scale : 25" (635 mm)
Nut Width : 43 mm

* Our studio takes an order upon your request for the materials, colors, scale, nuts width, neck shape, inlay and others, referring to a regular model of our studio as a standard.
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